Randy and Kendra’s Story

Randy and Kendra first worked with Greg over five years ago when he assisted them in refinancing their home for a much lower rate, saving them a significant amount of money. Greg continued to stay connected with Randy and Kendra and, when he recognized that he could make a difference in their lives again, he gave them a call.

On Greg’s advice, Randy and Kendra refinanced their home from a 30 year to a 20 year mortgage. Because Greg was also able to secure a lower interest rate on their new mortgage, they will pay off their mortgage sooner and still have their monthly payment go down! All without paying any closing costs – either out-of-pocket or added to their loan!

But that wasn’t all. Greg was also able to refer them to a new homeowner’s insurance provider which cut their insurance costs in half for the exact same coverage!

Greg’s 21 years of experience came through again. Randy and Kendra are projected to save a whopping $158,000 over the life of their loan!

Now that’s HomeWise!